AZAP is a an old musician friend's band, all ex-professional, who got together again after a few decades of bustle in the whirl of life. Available, cleared from all pressure, the AZAP members only aim at having great fun playing a bunch of original songs, fruit of a passion more alive than ever.

AZAP gets its musical inspiration from as different sources as Folk -Rock, Progressive Rock and even Jazz. Folk-Rock for the vocal arrangements that bands like CSN&Y, Eagles or the Byrds have formalized in the 60s, progressive rock for the freedom of form and structure and Jazz for harmonies and improvisation.

AZAP expresses ideas, feelings and dreams through original lyrics or poems from authors of the past whom words are more newsworthy than ever. Light, positivity and optimism are the backbone of most of it, like an attempt to exorcize the difficult times the beginning 21st century appears to be.

DANIEL GLIKMANS (Guitars, Vocals) is the author of the vast majority of AZAP's compositions. Musician since his teen age, he's played in a myriad of bands before carrying out a solo career and starting to write his own music which eventually resulted in a few records released in the early 80s. As a result of his inclination for orchestration he then worked as a producer for various recording companies and labels like Sony (ex-CBS) or Polygram with well known French artists.
ERIC BOLO (Vocals, Harp, Percussions) is an inveterate singer. He's been devoting to his art since more than 40 years. Sole member of AZAP stayed pro musician for his whole life, he's a versatile vocalist who benefits from a whole range of experiences from Jazz to Rock to Music Hall (and even music for children). He is the master of ceremonies, the crooner, the one all the girl's eyes stare at...
CHRISTOPHE WOYCIECHOWSKI (Guitars, Vocals) is the unquestionable (and unquestioned) star of the south west of Vendée Blues/Rock scene. Involved in many world tours taking place in a triangle bounded by Bretignolles, Jard and La Roche s/Yon, he build himself a reputation of impressive showman who doesn't mess around with the organisation of the pre-gig meal. He's actually a tender debonair guy with a reassuring laughter featuring an amazing musical culture. We love, among other things, his dog (called "Nono"), 140 pounds descreet and smooth smelling newfoundland terrier ;-)
FRANCOIS CARLIER (Keyboards, Vocals) .
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AZAP on Stage

At "Sud-Loire en fête 2014" - Pirmil Place - Nantes - France

A l'auditorium du Loquidy - Soirée de soutien à "Logement et Fraternité" 2015 - Nantes